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Laid Scrim reinforcement on Auto Industry

Car companies are familiar with the advantage of laid scrims: time saving and quality. In this respect they can be applied in many different functions. They can be found in under shields, door-linings, headliners as well as sound absorbing foam parts. Automotive suppliers save time during manufacturing with laid scrims and get stability to their parts. Double sided tapes for the fixation of air- and sound absorber are equipped with laid scrims.

Are you looking for a scrim that can still work in intense heat? Or a scrim that is water resistant? Do you need a scrim that makes daily work easier? Or a scrim that optimises your production process? Would you like to have a scrim of decomposable natural fibres or a long lasting high-tech fibre? Or? Or?

We can develop together a perfect scrim for your application.

 Automotive: Reinforcements for sound absorption elements

Car manufacturers use sound absorption elements for the noise reduction of their vehicles. These elements are mostly made of heavy foamed plastics / polyurethane (PUR) hard foam, bitumen or composite materials.

They are typically assembled or applied in spaces which allow merely an extremely flat construction, such as underneath the hood / bonnet or under the headliner. Partially these spaces are only accessible within the mounting process (e.g. between door panel and window glasses rolled / winded down). Dependent from the quality degree of a vehicle, sound absorption elements are also used:

  • In the A-, B-, C- and (within station wagons / combi vans) D-pillars
  • In trunks lids / boot lids
  • In interior surfaces of wings / fenders
  • In isolations between dashboard and engine bay / compartment (front engine) or between (back) seats and rear engine
  • Between carpet and chassis
  • At the transmission tunnel

Highly desired side effects of sound absorption elements are the damping of car body vibrations as well as an isolation against heat and coldness. This makes sound insulation moldings also indispensable for motorhomes and caravans.

For a maximum form stability and durability absorption elements need a structural reinforcement. Automotive – engineers rely on laid scrims to optimize sound-absorbing parts against force effects:

  • Deformation
  • Shear forces
  • Slipping / shifting out of position
  • Traction
  • Friction / abrasion
  • Impacts

CM3x10PH (2)

sound absorption

Reinforcements for rear shelves, headliners, impact protection

laid scrims are also used to reinforce headliners and rear shelves. Here the emphasis lies in increasing the form stability and torsional rigidity. Another area of application are impact protection mats to protect car doors in narrow garages.

 auto door

scrim for auto industry

What are laid scrims?

Laid scrims are lightweight structures made of yarns /technical textiles that differ significantly from ordinary fabrics:

  • The threads don’t lie loosely upon and underneath each other. With a „binder“ they are glued permanently at their contact points.
  • Threads run diagonally / multi-axial in 6 to 10 directions. Thus they absorb working forces significantly more effective.
  • They are more flexible and simultaneously more stable.
  • Their higher structural tearing strength allows wider meshes and a significantly lower weight per unit area.
  • You can combine various options of materials, taking benefit of their specific characteristics.
  • The threads of the scrim can be equipped with a multitude of impregnations to support the specific purposes of the final product.

Suitability for automated production processes

4x4 550dtex

Every second of a vehicle’s mounting process costs money. With laid scrims the suppliers of the automotive industry save time in the assembly of their products. You have 3 options to process our laid scrims:

  • As a layer within multi-layer products
  • Gluing on contact surfaces (e.g. body panels)
  • As an element of double-faced adhesive tapes

We supplies laid scrims in coiled widths – on request just-in-time. With their excellent cuttability and punchability they enable a high build quality and a high processing speed. Thus they are suitable for manual workmanship as well as for automated punching production lines.

Post time: Sep-02-2021

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