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  • Triaxial laid scrims

    In response to the needs of our customers, Shanghai Ruifiber will produce a large number of tri-directional laid scrims, based on the existing two-way laid scrims. Compare to normal size, tri-directional scrim can undertake the forces from all directions, make the strength more even. The applica...
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  • Advantages of scrims

    Generally laid scrims are about 20-40% thinner than woven products made from same yarn and with an identical construction. Many European standards require for roofing membranes a minimum material coverage on both sides of the scrim. Laid scrims help to produce thinner products without having to ...
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  • Research on laid scrims for flooring application

    There are many kinds of flooring, including coil flooring, sheet flooring, wooden flooring etc. Now a large number of floor manufacturing customers choose us. Due to temperature change, thermal expansion and cold contraction, common floor problems often occur, adding laid scrims, can greatly red...
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  • Scrims reinforce roofing membranes

    Roofing or waterproofing membranes are mostly used for large buildings such as supermarkets or production facilities. Their main application areas are flat and slightly sloped roofs. Roofing membranes are exposed to strongly varying material stress due to wind strength and temperature change du...
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  • Typical Constructions for laid scrims

    Single warp This is the most common scrim construction. The first warp thread under a weft thread is followed by a warp thread above the weft thread. This pattern is repeated across the whole width. Typically the spacing between the threads is regular across the whole width. At the intersections...
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  • Shanghai Ruifiber Certificates & Honors

    Shanghai Ruifiber mainly specialize in three industries: Building Accessory Materials, Composites Materials and Abrasive Materials.We have 10 years of sales experiences in Fiberglass Mesh, Grinding Wheel Fiberglass Mesh, Fiberglass Self-adhesive Tape, Paper Tape, Metal Corner Tape, Wall Patch, La...
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  • Laid scrim production process

    The laid scrim is produced in three basic steps: Step 1: warp yarn sheets are fed from section beams or directly from a creel. Step 2: a special rotating device, or turbine, lays cross yarns at high speed on or between the warp sheets. The scrim is immediately impregnated with an adhesive system ...
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  • The development of laid scrim in China

    Light weight scrim mesh is generally described as laid scrim in English. Laid in Chinese means tiling or laying, which is different from traditional weaving methods: leno weaving and plain weaving.   The earliest use of this product in China is aluminum foil composite, which is mainly produc...
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    Ruifiber is a industry and trade integration business,major in fiberglass products.We are a professional manufacturer and own 4 factories,one of which produce fiberglass mesh cloth for grinding wheel;two of which manufacture laid scrim mainly for reinforcement in packaging,aluminum foil composite...
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  • Unique Building Materials&Composition

    Shanghai Ruifiber Industry Co.,ltd mainly involved in three industries: building materials, composite materials and abrasive tools. The mainly products: fiberglass mesh, Grinding wheel mesh, fiberglass tape, Paper Tape, Metal Corner Tape, Wall patches, laid scrim etc. Mainly Products: Fiberglass...
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  • Product Introduction: Fiberglass mesh Laid Scrims for Reinforced PVC Flooring

    PVC Flooring is mainly made of PVC, also other necessary chemical material during manufacturing. It is produced by calendering, extruding process or other production process, it is divided into PVC Sheet Floor and PVC Roller Floor.   Now many domestic and overseas customers are applying the ...
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  • Shanghai Ruifiber Training

    Every Friday afternoon, Shanghai Ruifiber members are studying. Learning all the related knowledge and experience. Knowledge of the products Shanghai Ruifiber is manufacturing and supplying, the production capability of all our machines, the professional operation process of the whole company gro...
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