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Non-woven polyester laid scrims 1.6*1.6 ENDS-10MM (6.25×6.25MM)

Short Description:

  • Roll Width: 200 to 2500 mm
  • Roll Length:: Up to 50 000 m
  • Yarns Type:: Glass, Polyester, Carbon, Cotton, Flax, Jute, Viscose, Kevlar, Nomex,
  • Construction:: Square, tri-directional
  • Patterns:: From 0.8 yarns/cm to 3 yarns/cm
  • Bonding:: PVOH, PVC, Acrylic, customized
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    Non-woven Laid scrims

    Construction size:  1.6*1.6 ENDS/10MM (6.25x6.25 MM)

    WARP YARN/WEFT YARN: Polyester 76 DTEX /76 DTEX

    WARP TENSILE: 23N/50mm;WEFT TENSILE: 23N/50mm


    UNIT WEIGHT:9.24-9.73 gram/M²

    ADHESIVE: Non-solvent PVC


    Due to lightweight, high strength, low shrinkage/elongation, corrosion preventive, laid scrims offers tremendous value compared to conventional material concepts. And it's easily to laminate with many kinds of materials, this makes it has an extensive fields of applications.

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