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CNY Spring Festival – Are you ready before placing an order?

As we approach the Lunar New Year and the beginning of 2024, it is a good time to communicate the impact of the upcoming Spring Festival and plan ahead to place orders.  January 26 to March 5 is the peak period of Spring Festival travel, which may affect the speed of logistics and express delivery. It is crucial to initiate proactive communication and preparatory measures (such as sending and confirming samples) to ensure a seamless production process for our valued customers.

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Spring Festival background:

The Spring Festival is coming, and with it the traditional Spring Festival travel season. People return to their hometowns for the New Year, and tourism activities become more frequent. The influx of travel and cultural celebrations may impact logistics operations, causing changes in the speed and efficiency of deliveries and order processing.

Company Profile:

Shanghai Ruifiber Industrial Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the field of composite reinforcement, serving a diverse customer base in the Middle East, Asia, North America and Europe. Our expertise lies in the production of polyester/fiberglass mesh / laid scrim, a versatile product primarily used in the composites sector. As the first independent laid scrim manufacturer in China, we are proud to offer innovative solutions that improve the strength and performance of composite materials.

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Product Application:

Our polyester mesh/laid scrims are used extensively to reinforce a variety of composite materials including roof waterproofing, GRP/GRC pipe wrapping, tape reinforcement, Aluminum foil composites and Mat Composites. By imparting superior reinforcement qualities, our products play a key role in improving the performance and durability of composite structures across industries and geographies.

Laid Scrim Application

Product advantages:

Innovative Reinforcement: Our laid scrims are beacons of innovation, providing unparalleled reinforcement capabilities that enhance the structural integrity of composite materials, allowing them to withstand varying environmental and operating conditions.

Customized Solutions: We understand the unique needs of our global customers and provide customized solutions to meet their specific application needs, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of composite structures.

Quality Assured Production: We have a robust manufacturing facility consisting of 5 dedicated production lines in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, adhere to strict quality control measures, and provide products that exceed industry standards to provide customers with reliable and consistent performance.

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In the context of the Spring Festival, we encourage our esteemed customers to actively discuss with us, explore their needs and initiate the sample testing process to streamline production preparations. By planning ahead and considering potential logistics changes during this period, we aim to ensure smooth and timely delivery of quality reinforcement solutions to meet the diverse needs of our global customers. For more information about our products and capabilities, please visit our website:


In short, on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, we will continue to be committed to fulfilling our commitments and providing excellent products and services to customers around the world. By enhancing proactive communication and preparedness measures, we aim to support customers in making informed decisions and optimizing production plans amid the nuances of Spring Festival logistics.

Shanghai Ruifiber Industrial Co., Ltd. looks forward to continuing our successful partnership with our esteemed client, ensuring that the Lunar New Year celebrations do not hinder the seamless delivery of our state-of-the-art reinforcement solutions.

Post time: Jan-26-2024

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