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Shanghai Ruifiber Resumes Operations After the Chinese New Year Celebration



Shanghai Ruifiber Industry Co., Ltd, a pioneering force in the field of waterproof composite reinforcement, successfully resumes operations after the Chinese New Year holiday. As a leading producer of Polyester netting/laid scrim, the company focuses on serving the diverse needs of its clientele in the Middle East, Asia, North America, and Europe. The company’s flagship product finds extensive application in various composite domains, including roof waterproofing, GRP GRC pipeline wrapping, tape reinforcement, aluminum foil composites, and floor reinforcement. This Polyester netting/laid scrim serves as a crucial component in strengthening composite materials, delivering unparalleled value as the first independent laid scrim manufacturer in China, holding the top market share in the country.


Company Background: Established as a formidable presence in the waterproof composite reinforcement industry, Shanghai Ruifiber Industry Co., Ltd operates our own manufacturing facility in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, boasting five conventional production lines and two PVC glue production lines. The company’s products play a paramount role in enhancing the durability and performance of diverse composite structures.


Chinese New Year Celebration Recap: As the Chinese New Year marks a time for family reunions and traditional festivities, Shanghai Ruifiber embraces the rich cultural heritage of the holiday. The dedicated team at the company’s factory and office gratefully extends appreciation to its customers for their continuous trust and support, particularly in the form of ongoing orders during the holiday season. With the collective commitment of the workforce, the production department is currently operating at full capacity to fulfill these orders and meet the market demand efficiently.


Product Applications and Advantages: Shanghai Ruifiber’s Polyester netting/laid scrim represents a vital component in various composite applications, serving as a foundational element in reinforcing composite materials for exceptional durability and strength. The company’s offerings provide numerous advantages, including:


  • Wide-ranging Applications: The laid scrim is indispensable in an array of composite applications, contributing to the robustness of roof waterproofing, fiberglass pipeline wrapping, tape reinforcement, aluminum foil composites, and floor reinforcement, thereby enhancing durability and performance across diverse applications.
  • Unmatched Market Position: As the pioneering independent laid scrim manufacturer in China with the top market share, Ruifiber epitomizes innovation and reliability in delivering high-quality reinforcement products, setting new benchmarks in the industry.
  • Ongoing Innovations: In anticipation of 2024, the company is set to expand its operational capabilities by introducing new machinery and commencing the research and development of laid scrim utilizing viscose, a bio-degradable net intended for potato bags, reflecting Ruifiber’s dedication to sustainable and cutting-edge solutions.


Shanghai Ruifiber Industry Co., Ltd, with its robust infrastructure and unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier products, sets the standard for excellence in the waterproof composite reinforcement industry. The successful resumption of operations after the Chinese New Year festivities underlines the company’s dedication to serving its global client base with unparalleled quality and innovation.


Post time: Feb-18-2024

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