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Shanghai Ruifiber Mexico Office attend Expo Guadalajara on 11st, Sep, 2021.

Expo Nacional Ferretera is going to be an international symposium that will be attended by thousands of world-class traders and dealers from the international arena. It will be welcoming large number of traders from the different sectors of manufacturing and merchandise. These showcasing includes tools, gas and plumbing materials and accessories, gardening supplies, security and safety mechanisms and many more.

Shanghai Ruifiber Industry Co., Ltd. Is specializing in the production of glass fiber and its related products, Metals & construction materials.The company’s sales department located in the Baoshan district, Shanghai city. It only 41.7km away from Shanghai PU dong international airport and about 10km away from Shanghai train station.The company’s main manufacturing bases in Jiangsu and Shandong province, China.

In 2017, we have imported the Germany machine and become the first Chinese manufacturer for Nov-woven Reinforcement and Laminated Scrim.

The main products have passed the International quality inspection by SGS, BV etc.

Our products meet the demand of the International market, the main markets are the USA, Canada, South America, the Middle East, India and China etc.

Shanghai Ruifiber Industry Co., Ltd. Constantly improve production management and sales level, and strive to become “first-class domestic, world-renowned” fiberglass manufacturing and distributor.


Laid Scrim is a cost-effective reinforcing fabric made from continuous filament yarn in an open mesh construction.
The laid scrim manufacturing process chemically bonds non-woven yarns together, enhancing the scrim with unique characteristics.

High tenacity, Flexible, Tensile strength, Low shrinkage, Low elongation, Fire-proof Flame retardant,Waterproof,Corrosionresistant,Heat-sealable,Self-adhesive,Epoxy-resin friendly, Decomposable, Recyclable etc.

Laid scrim is very light, the minimum weight can be 3-4 grams only, this saves the large percent of raw material.We put more machines into production, can fully meet your needs for timely delivery.


Laid scrim is very light, the minimum weight can be 3-4 grams only, this saves the large percent of raw material, and heavy can be about 100 grams.

Weft yarn and warp yarn laying onto each other, the joint thickness is nearly the same as the yarn thickness itself. The thickness of the whole structure is very even and very thin.

Because the structure is bonded by the adhesive, the size is fixed, it keeps the shape.

Many sizes are available for the laid scrims, such as 3*3, 5*5, 10*10, 12.5*12.5, 4*6, 2.5*5, 2.5*10 etc.

4x4 550dtex

6.25x12.5 10x10mm laid scrim 12.5x12.5 CP2.5X10PH

Ruifiber makes special scrims to order for specific usages and applications. These chemically bonded scrims permit our customers to reinforce their products in a very economical manner. They are designed to satisfy our customers’ requests, and to be highly compatible with their process and product.
Do you know how much extensive fields for application of Laid Scrims?Do you know how much big market of Laid Scrims is waiting for developing?

If you are interested in Laid Scrims and connected to its market;

If you are searching qualified manufacturer of Laid Scrims;

We are always here, to assist you for any reinforcement solutions!

We have imported top-level machines from Germany and assembled a bran-new production line of Laid Scrims!

We are the biggest supplier of Laid Scrims in China!

In China, we are the first company to supply the laid scrims. In 2018, we started our own mass production.

We are the powerful manufacturer&supplier with more than ten years of experience!

To be your professional reinforcement solutions and the famous laid scrims supplier in the world.

Shanghai Ruifiber, your specialist of reinforcement solutions!

We are always looking for new development partners who wish to explore our product range and create something new together.
Our scrims can find their use in a number of applications.Welcome to visit Shanghai Ruifiber, offices and work plants, at your earliest convenience.——

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