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Research on laid scrims for flooring application

Fiberglass mesh clothing Laid Scrims for PVC flooring5

There are many kinds of flooring, including coil flooring, sheet flooring, wooden flooring etc. Now a large number of floor manufacturing customers choose us. Due to temperature change, thermal expansion and cold contraction, common floor problems often occur, adding laid scrims, can greatly reduce these problems such as rolling up, warping, bubbles etc.

Fiberglass mesh clothing Laid Scrims for PVC flooring6

Floors are divided into Homogeneous and heterogeneous materials. For heterogeneous  materials flooring, the upper layer and bottom layer are different materials, using Ruifiber laid scrims as the intermediate layer can play a good role in connecting all layers. Glass fiber elongation is small, which is very good for bonding the surface wear-resistant layer and the bottom layer together and not tear easily. For the composite of coil flooring, the glass fiber laid scrim with PVC binder is quite popular. Ruifiber can customize the sizes and specifications, the maximum width now can reach 3.3 meters.

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Coiled material floor, mostly used for sports floor, also known as foam floor, is manufactured by the production process of scraping and coating. The upper and lower layers are relatively soft and formed by extruder machine.

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Sheet floor, such as lock floor, adopts the calendering process, and the upper and lower layers are made of solid plastic materials. By melting at high temperature, the upper and lower layers are bonded, Ruifiber laid scrim mesh make sure the bonding is very firm. The mat tissue structure is not as suitable.

Fiberglass net fabric Laid Scrims for PVC flooring5

In the north area, wood floor with floor heating is often used, so higher requirements for heat resistance are put forward. Ruifber laid scrim is a good solution to use as the middle layer.


In addition, block carpet, woven carpet, reinforcement layer on the back, also can use Ruifiber laid scrims to form the more stronger structure.


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