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Data Sheet

Item No. CF5*5PH CF6.25*6.25PH CF10*10PH CF12.5*12.5PH
Mesh size 5*5mm 6.25*6.25mm 10*10mm 12.5*12.5mm
Weight (g/m2) 15.2-15.5g/m2 12-13.2g/m2 8-9g/m2 6.2-6.6g/m2


Product photos

Fiberglass Laid Scrim Polyester Laid Scrim Scrim Nonwoven LaminatedTriaxial Laid Scrim

Fiberglass Laid Scrim                                                            Polyester Laid Scrim                                                           Scrim Nonwoven Laminated                                                  Triaxial Laid Scrim

Width 500 to 3300 mm
Roll length Up to 50 000 m/M
Yarns Glass, polyester,carbon
Construction Square, tri-directional
Patterns From 0.8 yarns/cm to 3 yarns/cm  (2 yarn/in to 9 yarns/in )
Bonding PVOH, PVC, Acrylic…
Complexesfor combination materials A scrim bonded to
glass non-woven, polyester non-woven, specialty non-woven, film…




scrim reinforced aluminum insulation scrim reinforced aluminum insulation scrim reinforced aluminum insulation (2)

Non-woven laid scrim is widely applied in aluminium foil industry. It can help manufacture to develop the production efficiency as the roll length can reach 10000m. It also makes the finished product with better appearance. Other usages: Textile roofing and roofing shields, Insulation and insulating material, Intermediate layer for vapor permeable underlay, air and vapor barriers (Alu and PE films), Transfer tapes and Foam tapes.

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