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What is scrim reinforced adhesive tape?

Non woven Polyester netting fabric Laid Scrims for Adhesive Tape (7) paper tape Non woven Polyester net fabric Laid Scrims for Adhesive Tape Foam tape Non woven Polyester netting fabric Laid Scrims for Adhesive Tape

An aggressive clear PES/PVA scrim tape coated on both sides with a modified solvent free water based acrylic adhesive. Gold 90 gram siliconized paper release liner. The adhesive system of this double sided tape has excellent tack combined with high adhesive strength. Bond well to nearly all materials, even to difficult surfaces like foams, PE and PP films.

Polyester laid scrims made from very thin yarns, weighing less than 5g/m2 are often used as support for adhesive tape, transfer tape, double-sided tape, aluminum tape. Many of these tapes can be found in the automotive and building sector.


The use of laid scrims saves time and quality for automotive companies. They are often used in many different fields, such as baffle, doorframe, ceiling and sound absorbing foam parts. When automobile manufacturers use triaxial laid scrims production, not only save time, but also product performance becomes more stable.


Polyester laid scrims are also used in packaging industry, envelopes, cardboard containers, tape, potato bags, anti rust paper, bubble cushion, window paper bags, high transparent film.


In between two layers of paper, laid scrims help to make large envelopes, bags or sacks more tear resistant.


Laid scrim is not only practical, but also decorative, gift packaging, decorative ribbon, yarn can also be colored, all kinds of cushion and window paper tape packaging materials.


If you are interested in the laid scrims products, please contact us directly, give your requirements/technical data. We also offer the customized service.


In the future, we will further develop and put into production more different products and specifications. Please look forward to it.

Post time: Nov-16-2020

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