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Scrims reinforced sailcloth

Scrims reinforced PVC tarpaulinScrims reinforced PVC tarpaulin (2)Scrims reinforced PVC tarpaulin (3)

Scrims reinforce sailclothScrims reinforce sailcloth

For many years now laminated sails have substituted traditional sails made from densely woven spinnaker cloth. Laminated sails do look very much like surf sails and are often composed of two layers of a transparent film where in between a layer or several layers of scrims are laminated.


Laid scrims can be used as basic materials to produce truck cover, light awning, banner, sail cloth etc.


Triaxial laid scrims also can be used for producing Sail laminates, Table tennis rackets, Kiteboards, Sandwich technology of skis and snowboards. Increase the strength and tensile strength of the finished product.


Post time: Oct-16-2020

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