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Product Introduction-polyester laid scrim applying for pipe wraping/pipe spooling industry

With the advantages of light weight, soft feel, good extensive etc., polyester laid scrim is specially suitable for making the pipe wraping/pipe spooling composites industry.


Laid scrims are exactly non-woven: weft yarns are simply laid across a bottom warp sheet, then trapped with a top warp sheet. the whole structure is then coated with an adhesive to bond the warp and weft sheets together creating a robust construction. This structure can be easily combined with all kinds of materials, no waste also achieving the best result.


Currently polyester scrim size 2.4*1.6/cm (4*6mm) is quite popular for making the pipe wraping/spooling products.


Welcome to inquire and explore more applications for reinforced composites.

Post time: Mar-27-2020

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