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Laid scrims for highest claims on composite and reinforcement


GRP pipe fabrication

管道包扎1_副本 管道包扎2_副本

Double yarn non woven laid scrim is an ideal choice for pipe manufacturers. The pipeline with laid scrim has good uniformity and expansibility, cold resistance, high temperature resistance and crack resistance, which can greatly extend the service life of the pipeline.


None-woven category products reinforced

无纺1_副本 无纺2

Laid scrim is widely used as reinforced materail on kinds none-woven fabric, such as fiberglass tissue, polyester mat, wipes, Antistatic textiles, Pocket filter, filtration, Needle punched non-wovens, Cable wrapping, Tissues, also some top ends, such as medical paper. It can makes none-woven products with higher tensile strength,while just add very little unit weight.



双面胶带_副本 美纹纸胶带_副本 泡棉胶带复合_副本

Laid scrim mainly used for producing Foam tape composite, Double sided tape compound & Lamination of masking tape. Envelopes, Cardboard containers, Transport boxes, Antricorrosive paper, Air bubble cushioning, Paper bags with windows, high transparent films can use also.



地板1 地板2_副本 地板3_副本

Now all major domestic and foreign manufactures are applying laid scrim as the reinforcement layer to avoiding the joint or bulge between pieces, which is caused by the heat expansion and contraction of materials.

Other usages: PVC flooring/PVC, Carpet, Carpet tiles, Ceramic, wood or glass mosaic tiles, Mosaic parquet(underside bonding), Indoor and outdoor, tracks for sports and playgrounds



PVC Tarpaulin

PVC夹网布3_副本 PVC夹网布1_副本 PVC夹网布2_副本

Laid scrim can be used as basic materials to produce truck cover, light awning, banner, sail cloth etc.

Triaxial laid scrims also can be used for producing Sail laminates, Table tennis rackets, Kiteboards, Sandwich technology of skis and snowboards.Increase the strength and tensile strength of the finished product.




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