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How to extend pipe life? Laid scrim reinforcement!

Double yarn non woven laid scrim is an ideal choice for pipe manufacturers. The pipeline with laid scrim has good uniformity and expansibility, cold resistance, high temperature resistance and crack resistance, which can greatly extend the service life of the pipeline.

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Polyester laid scrims for GRP pipe fabricationPolyester laid scrims for GRP pipe fabrication


GRP pipe, namely Glass fiber reinforced plastics mortar pipe.

The pipeline is made by the certain process, using glass fiber and its products as reinforcing material, resin as matrix material, sand and other inorganic non-metallic materials as filling.

Process of continuous winding is more popular now, fixed length winding is gradually eliminated.

The main reinforcing material for GRP pipe fabrication include: tissue, resin, woven roving, chopped strand mat, wrap fabric etc.


The GRP pipe wrap fabric manufactured by Shanghai Ruifiber has been supplied to major GRP/FRP pipe manufacturers. The feedback is good. Welcome to inquire and order. 

Shanghai Ruifiber specialized in producing all kinds of laid scrims, fiberglass laid scrims, polyester laid scrims, triaxial scrims, scrim reinforced composites mat etc.


Shanghai Ruifiber laid scrims advantages: Light weight, cost effective! Highly automatic machinery production, low raw material consumption, less labor input. Compare to traditional mesh, laid scrims have a great advantage in price!


Wide application, such as aluminum foil reinforcement, GRP/FRP pipe fabrication, wind energy, scrim reinforced adhesive tapes, scrim reinforced tarpaulin, flooring composites, mat composites, scrim reinforced medical paper, Prepreg industry etc.


If you have any question about the reinforcement solution, how the scrim is used? Feel free to contact Shanghai Ruifiber, we will be happy to advise and discuss.


For more information on our laid scrims products, please have a look at our website and product pages.

Post time: Aug-13-2021

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