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Do you know scrim reinforce paper wiper?

3X2 (8X12.5mm) scrim reinforce paper wiper 6X2 (4X12.5mm) scrim reinforce paper wiper 8x12.5 scrim reinforce paper wiper

scrim reinforce paper wiper (2) scrim reinforce paper wiper (3) scrim reinforce paper wiper

Material: Virgin Woodpulp Paper+Polyester Scrims


Product name:

Scrim Reinforced Paper Towels

scrim reinforced wipers

scrim reinforced disposable paper wipers

Hospital Paper Towel

Health care Wipes

Medical paper

Automotive wipes

Car care wipes

Painter and printer wipes



Usage: Industry Cleaning ,Hospital , Surgical ,Face


Structure: 4-ply white Tissue Paper Reinforced by polyester


Feature: Super Tough, Absorbent And Strong


This Towel has a polyester scrim sandwiched between 2 plys of tissues on each side, hence 4 Ply. Top and bottom layers of tissue provide the absorbency and softness of the product. Middle layer of polyester scrim netting provide the strength of the product in both dry and wet. more absorbency and lower linting.


Great for hand cleaning,glass cleaning,machine cleaning,tool cleaning,kitch cleaning and other surfaces that require a shine.


The birth of scrim reinforced towel changed the properties of paper, It also solved the non-woven fabric rough , chipping, allergies problems.


Strong, absorbent, economical material for low to medium duty wiping applications. Scrim Reinforced Wipers are an excellent one time wiper. Our Scrim wipers are perfect for cleaning up light oil, dirt and water. They wipe dry and are virtually lint free.


In fact, the scrim reinforced paper towels are really tough. And, absorbent too! So, they can handle just about anything! Also, they are cost effective! So a triple threat to cloths and rags! No wonder this disposable wiping solution is so popular.


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Post time: May-21-2021

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