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Unique Building Materials&Composition

Shanghai Ruifiber Industry Co.,ltd mainly involved in three industries: building materials, composite materials and abrasive tools. The mainly products: fiberglass mesh, Grinding wheel mesh, fiberglass tape, Paper Tape, Metal Corner Tape, Wall patches, laid scrim etc.

Mainly Products

Fiberglass Laid Scrim  Polyester Laid Scrim  Fiberglass Reinforced Mat Tri-directional Laid Scrim

Fiberglass Grinding Wheel Mesh                 Fiberglass Grinding Wheel Discs

Paper Tape        Fiberglass Self Adhesive Tape    Fiberglass Mesh    Windows Screen

Reinforced Paper       Metal Corner Tape     Metal Corner Beads      Metal Wall Patch

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Unique Building Materials & Composition


Post time: May-22-2020

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