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Triaxial Scrims reinforce aluminum foil packaging, insulation and thermal materials

Triaxial fiberglass net fabric laid scrims for aluminum foil insulation 12.5x15x15 (2) 12.5x15x15 (3)

Large quantities of triaxial scrims are laminated against aluminum foils. The end product mostly an aluminum-scrim-PE-laminate is used by producer of glass and rockwool during production of their insulation materials.


Light and flexible, with high mechanical load capacity.


Unlike rectangular mesh and woven fabrics, triaxial scrims are made by crossing diagonal lines, and they are fixed with adhesives at the intersections. And the number of warp and diagonals can be adjusted according to the needs of customers to create a new triaxial laid scrim. Due to the characteristics of diamond mesh, it provides higher tensile strength in six directions.


It is special not only in its wide application fields, but also in its variable structure and materials. Glass fiber, chemical fiber, other materials, etc


Shanghai Ruifiber can customize the scrims according to the customer’s requirements, no matter the size, weight, thickness, or waterproof, flame retardant, environmental protection and other performance, all can do.


Shanghai Ruifiber triaxial scrim, particularly suited to ducting and insulation, as well as packaging applications.


Construction industry,

Aluminum foil insulation and thermal insulation materials

Intermediate layer (ALU and PE film) as air cushion and damp proof layer

Scrim reinforce aluminum foil adhesive tape


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Post time: Nov-09-2020

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