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Product Introduction: Fiberglass mesh Laid Scrims for Reinforced PVC Flooring

PVC Flooring is mainly made of PVC, also other necessary chemical material during manufacturing.

It is produced by calendering, extruding process or other production process, it is divided into PVC Sheet Floor and PVC Roller Floor.


Now many domestic and overseas customers are applying the Ruifiber Fiberglass mesh laid scrims as the reinforcement layer to avoid the joint or bulge between pieces, which is caused by the heat expansion and contraction of material. Fiberglass mesh Laid scrims layers can fix the problem very well.


The PVC flooring using the laid scrims is much stronger, the whole structure is reinforced. Because of light weight, low shrinkage, tensile strength, low elongation, corrosion resistant, cost-effective,

fiberglass mesh laid scrims are ideal for PVC flooring application, regular sizes such as 3*10mm, 3*3mm, 3*5mm etc.

Fiberglass mesh Laid Scrims for PVC flooring 3Fiberglass mesh Laid Scrims for PVC flooring 2Fiberglass mesh Laid Scrims for PVC flooring

Post time: May-15-2020

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