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How to improve the PVC FLOOR?

Scrim is a cost-effective reinforcing fabric made from continuous filament yarn in an open mesh construction. The laid scrim manufacturing process chemically bonds non-woven yarns together, enhancing the scrim with unique characteristics.

Ruifiber makes special scrims to order for specific usages and applications. These chemically bonded scrims permit our customers to reinforce their products in a very economical manner. They are designed to satisfy our customers’ requests, and to be highly compatible with their process and product.

3x3 5x5 10x10

Now all major domestic and foreign manufactures are applying laid scrim as the reinforcement layer to avoiding the joint or bulge between pieces, which is caused by the heat expansion and contraction of materials.

Other usages: PVC flooring/PVC, Carpet, Carpet tiles, Ceramic, wood or glass mosaic tiles, Mosaic parquet(underside bonding), Indoor and outdoor, tracks for sports and playgrounds

PVC floor with scrim PVC FLOOR PVCfloor

This complex product is bonding fiberglass scrim and glass veil together. Fiberglass scrim is manufactured by chemically bonding non-woven yarns together, enhancing the scrim with unique characteristics. It protects the flooring materials from expanding or shrinking with the variations in temperature and humidity and also help with installation.

Dimensional stability
Tensile strength
Fire resistance

Various combination of yarns, binder, mesh sizes, all is available. Please feel free to let us know if you have any more requirements. It’s our great pleasure to be your services.


Wide application, such as aluminum foil reinforcement, GRP/FRP pipe fabrication, wind energy, scrim reinforced adhesive tapes, scrim reinforced tarpaulin, flooring composites, mat composites, scrim reinforced medical paper, Prepreg industry etc.


If you have any question about the reinforcement solution, how the scrim is used? Feel free to contact Shanghai Ruifiber, we will be happy to advise and discuss.


For more information on our laid scrims products, please have a look at our website and product pages.

Post time: Aug-20-2021

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