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Fiberglass mesh laid scrims fiberglass tissue composites mat

Laid Scrim is a cost-effective reinforcing fabric made from continuous filament yarn in an open mesh construction. The laid scrim manufacturing process chemically bonds non-woven yarns together, enhancing the scrim with unique characteristics.


Ruifiber makes special scrims to order for specific usages and applications. These chemically bonded scrims permit our customers to reinforce their products in a very economical manner. They are designed to satisfy our customers’ requests, and to be highly compatible with their process and product.

Reinforced mat-3x5 (1) Reinforced mat-3x5 (2) Reinforced mat-3x5 (3) Reinforced mat-3x5 (4)

Reinforcement mat+laid scrim-Ruifiber Logo (2) Reinforcement mat+laid scrim-Ruifiber Logo (3) Reinforcement mat+laid scrim-Ruifiber Logo (4) Reinforcement mat+laid scrim-Ruifiber Logo (5)

A carpet includes a textile top member and a cushion mat that is coupled with the textile top member via a thermoplastic material. The textile top member includes carpet yarns and a backing that is coupled with the carpet yarns so that the backing structurally supports the carpet yarns. The cushion mat includes a polymeric material component having polymer fibers that are randomly oriented and entangled together and a scrim reinforcement that is disposed within the polymeric material component. The scrim reinforcement reinforces and stabilizes the polymeric material component and is entirely covered and concealed by the intermeshed polymer fibers.

laid scrim for carpet (2) laid scrim for carpet


*non woven fibre glass sheet to be used in carpet
*Excellent fiber distribution
*Very smooth surface
*Excellent flexibility
*Good tensile and tear resistance
*Good dimensional stability

In carpet can also found our polyester fiber roving. Now all major domestic and foreign manufactures are applying laid scrim as the reinforcement layer to avoiding the joint or bulge between pieces, which is caused by the heat expansion and contraction of materials.

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