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Glass fiber is also called fiber glass, which is made of continuous filament glass yarn. This cost-effective reinforcing fabric is widely used in many industries. Such as: Building materials, electronic appliances, rail transit, petrochemical industry.


Glass fiber products mainly are devided into glass fiber fabric and glass fiber non-woven fabric.


Glass fiber composites materials: CCL, insulating material, impregnated coating products, FRSP, FRTP reinforced building materials, composites boards/ composites sheets etc.


Glass fiber reinforced aluminum paper is widely used as foil facing for glass wool, rockwool etc. These are found under roof decking, attic rafters, in floors, walls, pipe wrap, air conditioning ductworks.

The advantages of the scrim reinforced aluminum products: can refect 97% radiant heat, energy-bill saving, easy handling and low costs.


Shanghai Ruifiber has been in the Glass fiber industry for over ten years. Fiber glass laid scrim is made from glass yarn in an open mesh construction, which is ideal basic fabric cloth for many reinforcement industry composites products.

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Post time: Jan-04-2021

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